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So you’re preparing for a holiday party and you’ve meticulously selected your outfit. Festive dress? Check. Coordinated accessories and heels? Check and check. But now comes the finishing touch: figuring out how to style your hair.

Whether you’re in a style rut or just eager to shake things up for your next holiday event, we’ve got you covered with 22 of the best holiday party hairstyles to try this year. Not to worry, we’ve included options for every hair type and length, from kinky curls and locs to loose waves. Wide Rubber Band

The 22 Best Holiday Party Hairstyles in 2022 - PureWow

Calling all 4C gals: It’s no secret that protective styles are a go-to during the colder months, but this trendy ‘do will turn many heads at your next party. If you're newer to flat-twisting, this style will take a bit more time to master—but the final result won’t disappoint.

Ideal for those with longer hair, fishtail braids are great for holiday gatherings, date nights, birthday celebrations and everything in between. To get Missy Sue's voluminous waves, you’ll need to grab your hair dryer and a round bristle brush.

Ribbons are a great way to elevate even the simplest of styles, whether it be a bun or a half-up ‘do. But you know what’s better than just using them as fancy hair ties? Weaving them into your braids.

If you’re heading to a formal Christmas event, this sophisticated French twist ought to do the trick. For a more polished finish, consider using a bit of gel to control any flyaways on top.

These simple and fun hair transformations can be achieved in five minutes or less, so they’re best for when you need something quick, cute and easy. Consider the adorable high bun, which includes some sparkly hair clips to elevate your ‘do.

We love a unique take on a trendy style. For this ‘do, simply part your hair into two equal sections and French braid both sides. Then, roll the ends of your hair into two tight buns, securing them with elastic bands and bobby pins to finish.

Show your Christmas spirit by adding some red and green ribbons into your hair. You can either tie them on as bows or take things up a notch by twisting them right into your hair.

Alanna shows us exactly what short curls and a few holiday ribbons can do. Get creative with your tresses by weaving in a piece of ribbon as you recreate her stunning braided wreath.

Shalini walks us through how to get her glamorous half-up hairstyle, and it’s way easier than you think. All you’ll need are a few bobby pins and your curling iron. (Bonus points if you spruce things up with a hair accessory.)

Voluminous curls? Yes, please! Achieve the look by parting your hair into small sections and letting your curling iron work its magic. Just don’t forget to apply some heat protectant beforehand.

This curly fro-hawk will get you all the compliments at your next holiday party. Start by flat twisting the sides and back of your hair. Then, wrap the ends into small Bantu knots around your head and leave them in for about eight hours to coax out more definition. Finish by unraveling all of the Bantu knots except for one. (If you want more volume, use an afro comb to gently fluff out the roots.)

Kayley offers some festive options for when you want an easy style. One standout? The classic flipped chignon. Make sure you’ve got your hair ties and at least one festive accessory (like a golden double-shell barrette) handy.

This pretty bun may look super intricate and complicated, but it’s actually quite simple to create. In the tutorial, Tiffany used the Ouidad Clear Control Pomade to achieve a more polished look, then added some hair charms to give it that wow factor.

Going for a look that’s sleek and simple? Try a variation of Alex’s sleek, low ponytail, which you can customize with your own accessories. (If you have shorter hair and want to add length, you can add extensions that match your hair texture and color.)

OK, so this isn’t a quick, last-minute style, but trust us when we say that the end result is worth the time and effort. For these festive protective twists, you will need rubber bands, edge control, hair jewelry and water wave braiding hair.

If you’re in a pinch and need a style that requires very little time and effort, try this easy updo. You’ll need a sectioning clip, some bobby pins and a festive hair accessory of your choice. 

Liven up those locs by curling them with perm rods. Just make sure to stick with one to two locs per roller so you get the best definition and volume.

These Dutch braids are stunning—and they’ll also remain intact as you party the night away. The most you’ll need to get the look are some mini elastic bands and a few bobby pins.

Yes, believe it or not, you can recreate this show-stopping low bun in just 10 minutes. Just grab an elastic hair tie, some bobby pins and, depending on how sleek you want your edges, an edge control product. 

TBH, we’re kind of obsessed with all three of Ashley's styles—and they’re surprisingly simple. Our fave? The crescent bun, which you can complete with a sparkly headband.

Channel your inner Katniss Everdeen with this gorgeous braided style. Start by parting your hair into two sections. French braid both sides, following the edges of your hairline so that it creates a nice round shape around the perimeter of your head. Next, use clear elastic bands to secure the ends and bobby pins to tuck them in. (Pro tip: Gently pull at each braid to make them look even fuller.)

Sharmel achieved this elegant bun with shorter locs by doing two-strand twists using Marley hair extensions. If you already have long hair, then all you'll need are some bobby pins and hair ties to achieve the look. (Psst, if you want to take this style to the next level, consider adding a loc petal bun that matches your hair color.)

The 22 Best Holiday Party Hairstyles in 2022 - PureWow

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